All Yoga Is Real

Do you know what drives me nuts? The snobbery that exists in Yoga circles. 

There is no such thing as bad or wrong or fake yoga.  It is all real.  It is all someones practice.  Of value to them.

Today I have had only popped into FB briefly a couple of times and I have seen 3 adverts for different yoga sites and brands promoting themselves as “true yoga”, “Getting back to genuine yoga”, “genuine yoga” blah blah bla.

One of these ads even calls itself a new movement in yoga and invites me to “join us as we reopen the doors of yoga to everyone”.

The doors have never been closed. What are you talking about?

Yoga Snobbery really drives me nuts.

I am no longer a part of many of the bigger teacher forums for this reason.

Perhaps it is as there are more of us teachers around and people are being encouraged to brand and set themselves apart?  It kind of feels like yoga shaming though. Like what is perceived, often incorrectly, to be more traditional is somehow better. Real. Authentic. And, in this respect it has an air of judgement about it.

But please, dudes, don’t forget that…. Ek Ong Kar – We are all one.


Everything that anyone practices as a conscious yoga practice is YOGA. It might be washing up, dealing with a difficult person from a non-judgemental perspective. It might be deep back bends in a 40 degree room.

Just because it is not my path, doesn’t mean it is any less meaningful as a yoga practice for someone else. And it can be good fun trying them all. You don’t have to go back to a class that doesn’t feel right for you.  

Just because something is promoted as “more traditional” makes it no more an act of true yoga than someone walking into a trendy Rocket Yoga Class (“Gets You There Faster!”) right now.

Its not traditional for women to get a vote historically ya know? 


Lets embrace the diverstity in yoga. It is a positive thing. So much yoga reaching so many people can only be a good thing.

Charlotte xx


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