Healing The Throat Chakra

The working title for this post was “Why we say shitty things”.  And that about sums up why we might want to work with healing our throat chakras.  All of us!  Everyone.  

Sometimes we say shitty things to each other.  Lets be honest.  And sometimes people say shitty things to us.  Why? There are a few reasons I think. Here are some possible reasons I have experienced in my own communication cock ups over the years…. 

  • we have had someone talk to us like that and think it is normal 
  • its how we speak to ourselves and we think it is normal  
  • we feel insecure and this often results in a physical or verbal need to lash out 
  • we are tired/drunk/grieving/hungry and these often result in a physical or verbal need to lash out.

 There is a saying about the truest words being said in drink or anger.  I don’t believe that.  I think if anything we are less likely to speak the truth when we are reacting to others or under the influence of drink and drugs.

Because our truth comes from a subtle origin.  The noise of alcohol or anger, insecutity and learnt behaviour – these act as masks, these hide us from shining our truth.

They don’t lift the veil and show us at our strongest and best.  They don’t allow us to function at our strongest and our best.  The words we speak when they alter our behaviour are altered, not true.

So how can we Heal the Throat Chakra and stop saying, and hearing, shitty things? 

Our throat energy centre is the seat of communication.  When it is blocked or unbalenced our words can be harsh, untrue, and ill considered.  When it is balanced and open our words our true and positivly impactful.

And the key to really great communication, we can hear.  “I speak, I hear”.  How frustrating is to need to tell someone something again and again, to know that they are not listening to us?  To be interrupted when you are trying to explain something?

When we really understand what is happening and what is being said, we can respond in a much more positive way.   Regardless of the communication skills we are faced with.

There is lots to consider.  We often find our issues mirrored in those around us.  So, if we are frustrated by someone we feel is not listening to us, a good place to start is to ask ourselves “what am I not listening to?” What do I need to hear? 

If we feel someones words are dishonest or harsh, are we being dishonest or harsh with ourselves somewhere in our lives? 

As we move up the energy centres, our chakras – the heart centre represents the move from “me to we”.  Love for ourselves, and love for others and all things.  We then learn to impliment this love with the power of communication. 

Communication is authenticity.  It is integrity.  It is how we treat others, and it always, always, always starts with how we treat ourselves.   

We simply must speak our truth if we are ever to find our way to true bliss.  To true peace.   

And we must stand by our word. If we say we are going to do something we know is right for us, we must actually do it!  Equally, we must move away from acting out or agreeing to things we know are wrong for us.  It is totally fine to change our mind, to apologise if we have messed someone around and do what we think is right instead.

It can be really difficult.  To keep our mouths closed when we know we are not sure what is about to come out.  To keep our opinions to ourselves when we know they might be negative and unhelpful.  To move away from people who, even inadvertantly, feed our inability to speak our truth, and to hear it.   

It is ok to move towards people who value your truth.

It is ok to explore your truth.  It is ok to value your truth above that of those around you.  Their truth is their business.  And yours is yours!  

Here are 3 things you can do to help you begin to engage with, and heal, your throat chakra…

1. This is a really simple meditation exercise.

Humming Breath creates a vibration at the throat centre – it stimulates the chakra, and gives us a sound to latch onto for meditation.

Practicing this can help us with communications issues we may be experiencing.

2.  Grab a journal and spend a few minutes in relaxation and meditate on your truth each day for as long as you fee you need to.  During your meditations ask yourself questions like – “what do I need to hear?  What am I trying to tell myself?  What is my message to others?  How can I speak my truth?  Be honest and ask yourself anything you feel led to ask.  Notice what comes up, and see where it leads you for reflection.

3. A challenge for the next few weeks.  When you are speaking to yourself, and others, notice if you experience any snags.  By this I mean that moment of discomfort where you say something you are not sure is true, or exaggerated, or sharp, perhaps you have unecessarily interrupted someone, or repsonded with a completely irrelevant or self serving answer.  Don’t feel ashamed or bad.  We all do these things.  The trick is to notice when you do them, who you do them too, and to see if there is a pattern.  Perhaps you simply need to stop seeing certain people, get more sleep, stop drinking, join a jogging club or slimming world, eat the damn cake!

All of these suggestions are actions – actions only you can identify and take.  Good luck!

With love & gratitude
Charlotte x

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