Having Enough Time

Change is inevitable in life isnt it?

The good the bad and the ugly roll up and down on that wheel of fortune.

We can accept it, embrace it and co-create.  Or we can resist it, cling to the past, and struggle to move in our lives.

Henry and I are just about move house for the 3rd time in a week over 2 years.    In that time Henry has learnt to hold his head up, eat solid food, roll, walk, he knows what a tractor is, and what his favorite books are.  He has a full set of teeth, that he can sort of brush himself.  He can walk, run, climb, and jump.   Has he resisted any of these changes?  No!  He has embraced every one.  His instinct is to learn and play.  And openly express how grumpy he feels when tired.

As ‘finding a home’ fatigue waves at me from the corner of my  consciousness I remind myself how we are hard-wired for change.  How change can be easier and more joyful if we embrace it.  How, when we dream and spread the vibrations of a new intention, or goal, we have to allow those things to happen.  If we wish for them whilst cling to the past we stop them from manifesting to their fullest.   We get in our own way.

We have to allow change to happen.   If we want it to. Even those who are really happy with how things are in their lives will experience change at some point.

It is not that we have to change things.  It is not that we have to have big goals and dreams.  It is simply that change is inevitable.  We get older, our bodies and health change, our great neighours might move away.   The  company we work for might merge.   We might discover a new hobby that we willingly allow to take over our life. We might lose someone we love.   Change comes in all shapes and sizes.

I am trying to remember that I can learn from change, and welcome it with a smile.  Even when I am tired and a bit grumpy about having to pack everything up again.  Henry and I can make a game of packing and unpacking.  We can have fun finding new  places for  things in our new house.

As Mary Poppins says – “Snap, and the job is a game”.

Which reminds me, I have always wanted a coat stand – maybe this is the house for one?

If you are trying to embrace change in your life take a look at my Yoga Mudra YouTube video below.  I have been practicing this over the last couple of months and found it has helped me.  We practiced this together at Relax & Resparkle retreat at Suncokret the other week.  It was a magical moment in the yoga loft.

Subtle energy work can be very powerful. Try it!

Thanks for stopping by – please remember to share, and take a look at my upcoming events!
Charlotte xx

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