Why Tarot

It may come as a surprise to a few of you that I am offering Tarot readings this autumn.

It was a random tarot reading course an old collegue talked me into going on 8 years ago that kick started my daily yoga and meditation practice.  And subsequent teaching.

I used to offer readings, and for no apparent reason stopped as the yoga and coaching took over. 

Well, now I would really love to offer tarot readings again, if anyone would like one!

I have never seen anything ‘dark’ in my readings.   For me it has always been about reflection, clarity, intuition.  About engaging with my present and possible future.

I enjoy sitting with my cards, focusing on what has brought me to them, and gaining  insight on what unfolds.
Often what comes up gives me an opportunity to explore deeper into the area, to meditated on a specific theme.

Tarot cards for some as spooky, ritualistic, dark, wichy.  This is not my offering!  I regard them as a philosophical instrument.   They help me think about what is on my mind, or going on in my life, from a different angle – away from my ego and assumptions.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a reading please pop me an email to cghunt@live.com, or go to the “Shop” page.

Charlotte xx


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