BLOG! Let’s Be Nice To Each Other.

It has become apparent we have a cultural and social problem with negativity.

Prince Harry felt he had to write an open letter to EVERYONE telling them to stop being mean to his new girlfriend.  And America voted Donald Trump to be their next president.

It feels that people are angry, detached from one another on a deep level.  That by voting for Trump, or revelling in an invasive and negative commentary on a total stranger who happens to be in a new relationship with a totally random ginger Prince, they get some sort of relief to their frustrations or boredom.   

President Trump is not going to fix the world wide economic problems.  Being mean about a women we have never met on Twitter is not going to give us a deep rooted feeling of peace.  So why are these things happening like it is normal?   

So if these behaviours are becoming more widespread, deeper rooted, more habitual (which I believe they are)…. Why?  And perhaps more importantly – What are we really looking for?  What can we do to really come together?  How can we build bridges instead of planning walls and peoples downfalls? 

If I remember rightly from my GCSE maths negative plus negative equals positive. I think this might be where we are getting a bit confused.   

It might work in maths but in terms of mental, physical, spiritual, emotional wellbeing.  Both on a personal, social level.  It doesn’t. 

I have developed a new formula and I would like to put forward… 

Positive plus Positive equals personal peace.   

And that stuff spreads like crazy.  

If each of us can work at being more peaceful in ourselves, we can extend this to others.  We don’t have to listen to gossip.  We don’t have to treat people differently, look to exclude and be led by stronger personalities with influence.  We can stop being divided and ruled by people like Trump, by those who post articles with eye catching sensational titles. By businesses and trends that play on our desire to fit in with the crowd.   

Respect and compassion for all others are the energy bridges we need to start building now. 

How can we do this? 

  1. We can stop hitting links to sensational and eye catching headlines on line.  This also goes for ‘unliking’ or ‘unfollowing’ newspaper, magazine, and even friends who are repeat spreaders of negative judgements. These are mood-hoovers.  Stop letting them suck you in and deflate your positive natural energy.  
  2. Be The Positive.  Do repeat anything that sounds like gossip.  If it makes you feel uncomfortable and you don’t feel able to speak up, you can walk away.  You can show your support for the other party (notice I don’t call them the victim) in other ways.  You can swim against the tide.  You might be surprised who joins you.   
  3. Positively re-phase. Just like we use for negative inner chatter and limiting beliefs.  When you read or hear something that you notice is negative and divisive, simply re-phase it.  Immigrants stealing local jobs can become a new person chose our community to come and contribute to.  People in my local area talk about lack of jobs and sometimes even use the phrase “dying town”.  But, I see people from all over the place here, so I know that isn’t true.  Why would you go to the effort to totally relocate, and move your whole family in some examples, for a dying town?  You wouldn’t.  Hear a negative, and look for the positive alternative – which I can guarantee will be true. 
  4. Don’t jump on the band wagon.  Not all Brexiters and Trump voters are racists. It might be easier to believe it and repeat it.  But, it is simply not true.  Group labelling only feeds the problem.  So lets try being respectful to others as individuals regardless of when we do and do not agree with their choices.  We are one.  Regardless of how we vote or who we are dating.  We are one.  When you notice a label or a division being suggested – just remember, we are one.
  5. Stop checking news and social media feeds 20 times a day.  Check in with your friends by all means.  Lets stop loving news and gossip feeds, and start loving each other.

Charlotte x 

Please share your ideas, suggestions & experience in the comments below!  Lets help each other with this one!


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