What Do You Really Want?

Christmas’ and New Years’ can throw up a lot of stuff cant they?  It can be a bit of a struggle in the mid winter to see this is a great time for taking a leaf out of natures book (pun intended).  If we let go of what is not needed anymore, what is finished, what we don’t want, we can let it all die back and rebirth some really special things in their place.   

I would really like to ask you a couple of questions; 

“Where are you experiencing discomfort, struggle, unease, or lack, in your life?”

They don’t have to be big profound answers.  It might be “my marriage is over”, or it might be “I am fed up eating ready meals”.  Addressing both of these could have a major positive impact on our lives and how we experience happiness day to day.   

You might have 30 answers, or 1.  There is no right or wrong.  I would simply like to invite you to reflect on this questions.   

And then I would like to ask you… 

“What would you like more of in your life in 2017?” 

Again, there is no right or wrong way to answer this – make a list, and keep adding to it whenever inspiration strikes.  If you are not sure you can keep asking yourself again at different times of the day.  See what comes up.  Notice if it changes, notice if anything feels uncomfortable.   

And then look at your list and consider what you could do to open the door for each of these things to be “more in your life” in 2017.  What do they need from you?  How can you ensure they get it? 

Lets take back some of the control we give to our struggles, and give it to our fancies, needs and dreams of 2017.   

Really it boils down to a couple of very simple questions.  What do you really want? (to happen, to feel, to be, to do, to have?) What are you going to do to make it happen? 

For me 2017 has had to start with no action and some antibiotics.  My 2016 clearing seemed to clear a sinus and jaw infection.  How joyful is that!?!  It’s easy for me to burn out.  Have I ever mentioned I am a hot headed Pitta Aries?! 

So rest is top of my list for what I want more of in 2017. Without it I lack balance, and find it very difficult to ground.  I am not working in the evenings so much, and have already booked a break to visit some friends in Belfast in February.   

And the rest of my list will be gently and lovingly tended too in the coming weeks and months.  Nurtured.  Created!   

What are you going to do to get what you really want, and need, in 2017?

With lots of love

Charlotte xx

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