The Principles of Elimination! Twisting the Toxins Out.

So I have gone a bit ‘decluttering’ crazy. February arrived, with the threat of Spring, and my inner Pitta Aries ram comes charging out. Before I know it I have sent 11 full bin bags to the charity shop, given away and sold some furniture, redesigned my website (again!)…

Eliminating the old toxins out of my home and life!

It is clear I am ready to let go of so much old stuff and move forward.  Into a new phase.

To really embrace the new we need to give it room to expand into.  I think that is what I have been trying to do. Create space for new and exciting things I want.

Do you feel the itch to release the energy tied up in old belongings, clothes, books etc etc?  Well let them go!

Let someone else breath new life into them,  

then you can breathe, and expand, into the new space you have created!  

I felt I had stagnant energy sat around our home, and I wanted rid.  I am replacing the bits we need (my bed!) with what I like and need NOW!  Not 5 or 10 years ago!

A couple of times I have considered if I am acting or reacting?  So I have considered the principles of “Stick or Twist” in a yogic fashion to help me decide if I am on a path of melt-down or healthy processing and excretion!

In yoga asana we often refer to twists as being good to stimulate the digestive organs, thus aiding the excretion of toxins.  The basic principle of a twist is to inhale and elongate the spine, breathing new space between the vertebrae.  Then we exhale and let the body settle into the space, if it is ready to move into the twist.   If it isnt we can focus on inhaling space and elongating.  Trusting that when the spine is ready to settle into the twist. The exhale will carry it there gently, naturally, with ease.

We can imagine it like wringing out the tension and toxins that sit in that space.  But we let the breath do the work.  We don’t push or pull or struggle to twist deeper. Its an easy fluid motion.  When we are really ready to release.  We will.

If I am not sure about keeping something or letting it go I can put it back and will usually know within a day or two if I want to keep it or if holding onto it now makes me feel like a crazy hoarder.  All I am doing is breathing into my home and belongings, twisting into the space when it becomes available.

Things I really love and want to keep are being rediscovered.  Like old talents and strengths, gifts from my past to my present.  They are like my strong and supple spine, supporting me into deeper exploration of what I want and need in my life!

I would like to ask you…

Do you feel the urge to let go of some old stuff hanging about?

Maybe you have a space or even a room in your house where things just get put rather than processed!?!

Well, how about playing Yogic Stick Or Twist with them?

Just go for it.  See what happens. You don’t need to let go of anything if you don’t want to.  Spending time breathing and relaxing in some of the cluttered or messy parts of your home might at least help you tidy and do some spring cleaning?  And that is sure to make you feel better.

With lots of love



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