Rest & Play for Happiness

I believe two of our human needs are to rest and to play. Our bodies will MAKE us rest if we resist it, by making us ill. Our bodies and minds will crave play by creating a feeling of ‘dullness’ in our lives.

In January an abscess in my jaw literally stopped me in my tracks.

3 rounds of antibiotics, lots of pain killers, and umpteen trips to the dentist.  They couldn’t get it out so a referral to the specialist team at the hospital, an x ray that showed 2 abscesses, and a long wait for an appointment later it is hopefully being removed this Wednesday.

4 ½ months later.

I thought I would be here there and everywhere during this time, workshops, special classes, etc etc.  What I have had to do is take a serious look at what I could do to build up my reserves and exercise some serious self care.

I sat here and pined for my old health and fitness. For fresh air and a brain that functions.  Again.  I have been here a few times since becoming a mother.  I decided if I wanted it I needed to fight for it.  And by fight I mean “gently in a non harming, loving and self compassionate, yogic” kind of way.  The good fight.

Do you remember at school how important break times and lunch times were? Well, why do we think just because we are adults we don’t need to run around the playground, kick a ball about, sing with our friends, avoid people we don’t get on so well with, read in the corner, and just generally do what we want to for a few minutes every day?

Whatever obligations and routines we have in the rest of our lives. Taking a few minutes out to break that up with rest and play is vital to relax, re-energise and revive us.  It allows our bodies to release happy hormones which helps release the tensions.  It is literally helping us heal on a physical and mental level.

Suffice it to say I realised my balance of rest and play was being sacrificed completely.  It was all about Henry and work.  And making some small adjustments has meant that actually we can rest and play together, in better sync.  None of his needs have been compromised.  BUT my needs are being better met.

I am learning a new skill at the Beekeeping course.  He is playing with his dad.

I am making more home cooked, high vegetable count meals.  Henry can trash the house/paint the garden bench. It’s win win.

Evenings are now my yoga asana and meditation time.  Sometimes I watch some trash tv and crochet.

Yes, my business and marketing has suffered.  Yes this matters.  But not more than the health and happiness of me and my family.

Now I am on the mend I can begin to do more of the work I love in a way that is more gentle.  Slowly!Win-Win

Would you like to explore how you can encorporate more rest & play into your everyday life?

Down load my free PDF here! It’s a super simple couple of pages I put together (as part of a larger kit) to help get you thinking. It’s a small offering from me to you.  I hope it helps.

Relaxation Toolkit – Rest & Play

With lots of love – see you soon!

Charlotte xx

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