We Are One.


Many of us grew up with the IRA.  Setting off bombs, hurting people, scaring people.  Republicans and royalists with different Christian ideologies, scoring political points with violence and terrorism.

Those bombs and guns represented the Christian community, and the Irish, no more than the bomb in Manchester last night, or the cars driven into crowds of tourists in London and New York, represent the Muslim community and those who may or may not originate from ‘Muslim Countries’.

We Are One.

All of us.  We are in this together.

Keeping our hearts open means we will feel the pain and discomfort of what happened in Manchester last night more acutely. It will also help us protect those who have been made vulnerable by these acts.  It will keep us aware of our role in society and our ability to care for others. We need to look after each other.

I don’t believe in leaning in.  I believe in sitting, standing, or walking in.  If we cannot sit, stand or walk together in these difficult time then we cant sit, stand, or walk together to confront and change the roots of this harm.  This will take all of us, regardless of our religion or the colour of our skin.

Om Shanti

Charlotte x

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