One thing being a mother has taught me is that my resilience does not lie in my physical body, which I had always relied on before.

When my world became tiny and every part of my life was taken over by Henry my physical asana practice was not a priority.

When my physical strength was compromised by post birth pelvic and back problems I spent months unsure if I would ever even be able to practice asana again, let alone teach. It has been a slow road back to the basics, some things are still just “No noes” for me and probably always will be.

During this time my meditation and relaxation practices and the other limbs of yoga have become much stronger. My subtle body is without limits and is stronger and more flexible than ever! With wonderful, sometimes amazing, results. Results I never received before.

Yoga is so much more than just asana. Whilst asana can be modified and many of us will never worry about flying pigeon pose, your ability to fulfil a pose will never reflect tour ability to fulfil your potential in life.

Your body may be ‘limited’ when it comes to flying pigeon, headstand, or touching your toes (if you even have any). However your emotional, mental and spiritual potential is truly limitless. They can be explored and cultivated via a multitude of yogic practices in addition too, and at some points in our lives when we find our bodies in transition or exhaustion, instead of physical asana.

Celebrate what your body DOES allow you to do. That is what you are meant to be learning now. Not giving up, comparing yourself to others, or pushing yourself to do more than it wants you to right now.
Be with it now and know it’s limits do not define you. Your spirit, impact on the world and potential are not your hair, flesh and bones.

Charlotte xx