Hello and welcome to Exploration of Meditation! 

This series is designed to allow you to explore different meditation approaches and techniques, to encourage you to find a way that works for you and build a toolkit for your own resilience and happiness.

 I am a firm believer that we are all different and different styles and practices will be suited to each of us.  Equally, we experience so many different challenges in our lives it is useful to have different techniques to suit the scenarios we find ourselves in.  For example, you won’t always be able to close your eyes or be seated in a comfortable spot at home.  With practice you will be able to adapt some of the different techniques I share with you here to a huge variety of potential situations. They will help you control your responses and how you feel, for more positive day to day life.  They may lead you to other practices that suit you better.

There is no right or wrong. Give them a go.  Do you best.  Notice what you notice and work through any defensive responses you experience in your journal. 

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unwell please stop and consult your doctor if you think you need to.

Some of these practices are rooted in yoga, some are not.  They are taken from my favourite and longest standing practices which have served me well over the years, and come from many different sources. 

Over the coming months I hope to add some more, so please feel free to sign up to the newsletter for updates.

In each exploration I will share with you a little bit about why we are doing the practice, with a video and/or audio to guide you.

If you have any questions, or experience any problems with the links and explorations please drop me a message.

With so much love

Charlotte xx 

Here are the 5 explorations to help get you started…  click on the links to take you to the practice pages…

Connect with your inner energy using this simple guided meditation. CLICK HERE.

Join me for this mantra practice for self-acceptance CLICK HERE.

Clear your mind and body of negative and distracting energy with this three-part guided meditation with breathing exercise and visualisation.  CLICK HERE.

If you are seeking to establish better communion with your intuition CLICK HERE.

If you wish to cultivate a calmer mind this is for you.  CLICK HERE.


Would you like to share anything that came up for you during this practice?  Perhaps you have some feedback or ideas?  Drop me a message, I would love to hear.

Charlotte xx

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