Hello Dear Heart

Last Sunday we gathered for our New Moon Circle, celebrating the archetype of Taurus with the Wild Woman Project.  Our focus was “Receiving Our Wealth” and this continues over this moon cycle to be a point of consideration, reflection and intention creation.

With that in mind I made this short video for you.  It is a guided meditation followed by singing bowl meditation.  I hope that this not only deeply relaxes you, it also helps you connect – attune – to gratitude.  No matter how we might be struggling in our lives, when we acknowledge and give thanks for what we have and can do, it helps do two major things.

1 – it helps to re-wire our thought patterns into positive language and self-speak.  When I started practicing gratitude 12 years ago I actually began to see more positive things around me and in my life.  I also began to make better decisions because I think it helped me value myself and my life a lot better.  Whenever I experience times of high stress in my life I come back to practice gratitude, it helps.

2 – “energy flows where intention goes.”  I am not sure who said this but it’s true in my opinion! When you focus on the negative or what you don’t want, the universe just senses the vibration of the thing and thinks you want more because you are investing your energy into it.  So when you give thanks for what makes you happy, helps you, makes life eaiser, brings joy, was a small step to fixing a major obsticle, the universe hears that and creates more for you.

In short, when I practice gratitude my feelings and behaviour change and I start to see things around me change and I get more good stuff flowing into my life.  It is win win win win – for 10 mins of your time!  Why not give it a try?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Thank you!  Thank you for stopping by my blog.  Thank you for doing this work.  Thank you.

Charlotte xx

The first video is an introduction and explanation.  

The second video is just the meditation.  

My intention in splitting them is you can simply drop by and play the straight meditation without needing to listen to the introduction each time!  

Try this meditiation at various times when it is safe and quiet for you to do so.  A few times a day if you are really struggling or resistant, maybe challenge yourself to join me for this attunement meditation 5 times over the next week.  Put reminders in your diary!