Full Corn Moon. 

We will explore the full moon, and what its specific influence gives us the opportunity to learn and manifest with.

Each month has its own name, or names, to reflect the activity of nature at this time.

This full moon is known by a few names. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it the beginning of the grain harvest, hence often known as the Corn or Harvest Full Moon. Grain represents infinity. A single grain holds the secrets of the life cycle, it dies every harvest, but scatters its seed ready for its essence to be re-born again. Life, death, rebirth. This is nature in action. It also serves to remind us that we are all connected, as descendants from the first human beings, our seed and essence is the same as all other humans.

Here we put our energy into harvesting; gathering, appreciating and celebrating vitality, health and friendships.

Some good Questions to ask ourselves at this full moon are…
“In what ways would I like to bring greater fluidity to my life?”
“What is stopping me?”
“Where can I improve my relationships with others?”
“Who can I give thanks to? Who has taught me, influenced me, and supported me?”
“How can you connect better to people (friends, family, colleagues, etc) you are around”. ” What am I ready to harvest?”

Moon Circle Ideas
Make a paper chain to symbolise eternal connection.
Make oat biscuits and malt drink.


Ancestor celebration Exploring our infinite connections. Bring a family member, mentor, role model to mind. Think about how these people changed your lives for the better. Are their any habits or traits you would like to bring into your life?


Exploring life, death and re-birth. The past is done, the present is here, and the future is clear. “I allow the old to die. And I am re-born a-new.” Evolving our consciousness. What does the new you look like? what do they no longer do/think/say? What new habits do they have? Explore this in as much detail as possible. Now feel free to make some notes. Keep these notes somewhere safe.

Have fun. Keep it light, celebratory and fun.

Charlotte xx