By miracle I mean, something that brings a sense of achievement and awe.
So good we are almost scared to allow ourselves to wish for it.

Something that feels unachievable and then ACTUALLY FRIGGING HAPPENS!!!! 

And Yes.  I really do believe you can create them.

Take a look at my life…

I make shed loads of compromises; try and follow my gut even when it pushes me into deeply uncomfortable territory; and generally f**k up too many times to list here.

And what happens?

A happy child.  A blooming heart centred business (that has survived a baby and relocation!).  A comfortable and safe roof above our heads, enough pennies to stay warm in the winter and put food on the table.  A healthy body that can touch its toes again AND run twice around the lake!

Why is this picture of averageness a miracle I hear you ask?   

I get to live a life with a sense of ease and freedom.  And that, for a women in my position, is a miracle indeed.

I get to do what I love, and live somewhere beautiful, and be a “self employed working stay at home single mum”.

This is a miracle by design.  Because I made the compromises and moved and rolled with the punches that allowed this to unfold.  Because it is what I really wanted. Because I have put the hard work in.  And then it slowly happened.

In difficult times I can slip into patterns of negative thought and behaviours.  Dark clouds gather easily if I let them. Hence the creation of The Happy Hunt!

I know I need to keep working, to keep an eye on what I want, and to keep aligning my actions with my intentions. Then repeat, repeat, tweak, repeat, tweak, give up, try again, tweak, repeat, repeat….and enjoy!
To keep reinforcing my personal and professional boundaries.  To keep open and authentic.  And, above all, to be flexible.  To allow things to unfold as they want to and not to fight it.  To keep going forward when things seem totally crazy and like they are going wrong.

Even if to go forward means to go back a bit.  To the side a bit.  Stop and have a think.  And try something new.

How can you begin to co-creating your own miracles today?

  • Look through your life now.  Be compassionate and loving with yourself and be honest.  What is happening, or has happened, that you are grateful for?  What is good?  What are you lucky for?  What have you achieved? No matter how small. These are the fertile soil of self believe which we will plant the seeds of your miracles in!  
  • Write a list of all the things you really wish for.  Don’t hold back, don’t apply logic or boundaries.  
  • Identify a few things on that list that you want to begin working on right now, is there a top one? 
  • Spend a few moments thinking about them/it and notice what your internal chatter is.  What messages are you giving yourself about it?  Do you need to re-phrase it into positive language? 
  • And here is the big bit – simply start repeating what you want.   In that positive language. Write it in your journal, explore it.  Make up little songs about it.  Start telling people about it or don’t tell anyone (whatever feels right!)  Research it.  Look for it.  Make it your personal mantra, repeate it in positive language again and again and again.  Let that vibration permeate your life. 
  • Let it unfold.  Some things will start to happen, some wont.  You will find focus for some, apathy for others.  You will find people appearing that can help you.  Opportunities will present themselves.  You simply have to put yourself in the right position for it to happen. 

Sometimes we simply need to sit out the really tough times, and wait for time to move forward.  Even then keep repeating your new miracle mantras.    

Believe in yourself.  Remember where you have already achieved and received good things.  And use these as your anchors in times of doubt and impatience.  Good things happen.  Amazing things can happen.

With Love

Charlotte xxx