I haven’t spoken about this for a while but losing the weight and being healthy since I had Henry has been a huge challenge.  

Last week he started school, we also bought a house again in August (5th home in 4 years) and it’s changed everything! 

A stable home and a shift in routine and I am given the chance to really focus on my own health again.  Both my physical and subtle body, as well as my monkey mind.

I am not on a health kick, or a diet, or a detox – I am cultivating an inner ecology that allows me to be healthy. Guess what? I am less bloated; my skin is brighter and I am pretty sure I have lost a few pounds.

Not only that but the headaches I have suffered with this last year have all but vanished. In a week and a half of making an effort to eat more whole foods.  

No gimmicks, no cheats, no magic powder, subscriptions or apps. Just good old-fashioned clean food (brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, veggies galore, oats, grains, fruit, local organic cow’s milk, whole foods, very little caffeine, less biscuit’s and puddings etc etc etc).

Walking whenever possible, breathing in fresh air and a little bit of yoga and mantra in the evenings when Henry goes to bed.  

All of a sudden, the intensity in my life has shifted and I am not craving carbs and sugars to get us to bed time!!! 

There is part of me that thinks perhaps now Henry is at school and we have our own home I am allowing myself to be healthy. I am giving myself permission to focus on myself again a little more. 

It’s just about cultivating loving habits that create an inner ecology of good health.  With no guilt when I scoff waffles and ice cream with old friends at the beach. 

Just doing my best. 

What can you do to nurture the ecology of your body and mind?   

What will you do today? 

With love Charlotte xx 

Some ideas might be…. 

Turn the internet off in the evening (it can go back on in the morning). 

Walk outside and take three big breaths, do this regularly for the next week. 

Cut your caffeine intake by half. 

Neti rinse. 


Practice a mantra for 11 minutes, if you don’t know any take a look at my resources page or make a simple positive statement up instinctively now and practice that! 

Eat organic when you can. 

Eat 2 extra portions of vegetables today and tomorrow. 

Get some light, gentle, low impact exercise.  Or whatever works for you. 

Tend your house plants. 

Spend some time considering where you feel you need more stability in all areas of your life.  Then consider what you can do to work towards each one.  The begin! 

Book the massage/counselling/therapy session you know you need. 

There are so many ways, sit for a few minutes and consider what you need and want.  Start there.