For this years Self-Care Advent Calendar I decided to make some DIY beauty bits like I used to, before Henry came along and I found 101 other things to do with the spare bits of time in a day.   

These are so easy though.  And I realise that now he is a little older I make the odd excuse about being short on time when really I am just tired or quick to find something to distract me. 

So, I found 5 mins, gathered my goodies and got mixing.   Honestly, these take no time at all and with only 2 and 3 natural ingredients in each they are great for those with sensitive skin like me.   

Take a look below for how I make them.  Remember if you are not sure if these are ok for you and your body please try on a skin patch test first. 

You will need…. 

Epsom Salts (coarse salt or sugar also work well, I like using salt because it works well to calm my problem skin prone to outbreaks). 

Olive Oil 

Coconut Oil 

Tea Tree Oil 

When mixing carrier oils and essential oils together please do take a little care.  It is better to put less in than more.  The advice I have followed is that for every ounce of carrier oil use no more than 12 drops of essential oil.  I usually go below that just to be safe and because my skin is so sensitive.  So here I do 10 drops for every ounce, maximum. 

Facial Scrub. 

Olive Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Epsom Salts.  

The reason I choose olive oil is because this is a really good alternative to facial wash I have been using for years.  It doesn’t tend to irritate skin, will give you a lovely deep clean and leave it super soft.  If you prefer a different oil, try it!  

The trick to using olive oil on the face (neck and boobs!) is to take a face cloth, run under the warm water and use this to wipe off the excess.  Don’t scrub it off, simply wipe over everywhere you have applied the oil with the warm face cloth once or twice until it feels soft and clean, rather than slippery from the oil.   

I weighed 1.5 ounces of olive oil, popped in 10 drops of tea tree oil and then added enough salt to get the thick constancy I wanted.  Don’t worry about the amount of salt, just find a consistency you like and think will work well in the bath and shower.  You are only making a small amount so can play a little next time until you get the thickness you like.  Simply give it a mix, pop it in a container that has a lid and is safe to use in the shower – I.e not glass! Use within a week. 

Take care as this may make the bottom of your shower and bath slippery!  I take a bit of soap, lather it up in my hands and give the base of my shower a quick wash then rinse before I get out! 


Body Moisturiser. 

Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Oil. 

Coconut oil can irritate my skin when I am in full break out, but generally it is good for my skin.  It carries the essential oil well when whipped like this and is easier to apply. 

Here I weighed 3 ounces of coconut oil and added 30 drops of the essential oil.  Then I got out my electric whisk and whipped it like you would double cream to make whipped cream.   You might need to stop once or twice to push the contents of the bowl back down to the bottom.  Keep going until you get that nice whipped clotted cream consistency.  Then simply pop it in your jar or pot.  Keep the lid on between use and store away from direct heat or it will lose this consistency much quicker.   

I would love to know how you get on and if you have any recipies of your own so please pop me a comment below!

Thank you!

Charlotte xx