There are lots of changes a foot here both in my life and in my business.  In last months Wild Woman Project Circle we explored ‘responsibility’.  I shared how hostile and resistant I was to this theme, and as often happens when we explore what we resist the most, a breakthrough has unraveled…because in my heart I knew that I had handed responsibility for various aspects of my life and work to others.

I had already had a sense of it, but being honest about it, saying it out loud and exploring it has proved very interesting.

It is easily done.  We are tired, overworked, in need of something

   a break, the car/roof/cat being fixed, a safe roof above our head, a loved one to be well

we seek support, help, relief.  And somewhere along the line we find ourselves happy for someone else to be in charge, we give responsibility away.

Have you ever experienced this?  Have you found yourself along a certain path, often led by necessity, and wondered why you are not being heard?  Not being paid properly?  Being overlooked? Unable to improve your health and fitness for longer than a month at a time?

Last year I took full responsibility for our housing situation having given away for years.  Looking back, being completely honest, the best part of ten years.  I can also see how much responsibility I have given for parts of my business and offerings as well. It has given us a huge amount of security and freedom we didn’t have.  Freeing up a huge amount of energy I didn’t even realise I was wasting.

And the thing is, I didn’t realise until a couple of weeks ago that this is what I had done!

Over the last few years since becoming a mother I have tried many things to fit into our new community, fit into the time I now have available, fit into this or that or the other.  Reviewing ‘responsibility’ has been reassuring, grounding, and most of all given me the break through moment…

“f*** it, I am going to do it my way, its my responsibility to be true to myself and my business, our values and beliefs”.

So what are those values and beliefs?

The Happy Hunt was created to make this work and it’s benefits accessible to as many people as possible, and as affordable as I can make it.  I love working with small groups, one-to-one, one-to-twos, in relaxed and home centered spaces.  “Coming Home” has become a mantra since November.

I need to bring The Happy Hunt home.

In our early days,among other things, I offered practices on-line and at home to keep them even more affordable and have creative freedom with content.  I loved being creative about how to work with people who may not want to go to the beach resorts and trendy studios.  People who are ready to do this work and want to know that the time they are spending doing this work is tailored for them.

As if by magic other things started shifting, people started asking for one-to-ones and I felt we were coming home.  But a new home, built on foundations of authenticity and integrity.

Rather than fatigue and a lack of understanding of what needed to change in my life since having Henry.  I wasnt prepared.  I hadnt planned motherhood.  I thought it would just work itself out – but actually I needed to work it out!  That is my responsability!

I would love to ask you…

What are you responsible for?  Does it bring you joy?  Freedom?  If not, what part of it can you let go of?  It may take moments, days, or years.

Be responsible for your own joy, for your life.  Be held by faith in yourself on your journey home.

It could be messy and uncomfortable and so much change.  And it could be so so so worth it.

With so much love and gratitude
Charlotte xx