Today is day 38 of my 40 day mantra meditation practice Har Har Har Har Har Har Har Hari.

This mantra is translating roughly as the creative aspect of infinity, it’s used to help break through blocks we might have to manifesting success, prosperity, wealth and abundance in our life, and world.  

As I reflected this morning, I realised I am experiencing more gratitude for my existing wealth, my success is steadily increasing in some areas.  I am seeing more positive wealth around me in environmental projects with soil rejuvenation, less polluting farming methods gaining increasing fashion, alternative plastic products being used at international events….more and more and more companies in line with supporting natural abundance coming to the forefront. 

Positive wealth. 

Sometimes it can feel that wealth has been given a bad reputation.  Often I hear it associated with greed and bad behaviour by banks, investors, large companies.  We see money tied up with corruption, pollution, lack of care for earth and fellow humans. 

Wealth comes at a cost, yes, but it doesn’t have to be a negative cost. 

It can be the ‘cost’ of your time investment in something you really believe in.  Perhaps the ‘cost’ of altering some of your habits?  Maybe the ‘cost’ of some negative relationships and beliefs?  The ‘cost’ in participating in a class or group that helps you to live in greater alignment with your soul.  Or even the ‘cost’ or trial and error…. you get the picture!  

In truth you have a natural wealth you were born with. 

Talents and gifts that are your resources and means to bloom in this life.   

As we come into the New Moon In Taurus tomorrow this is a timely reflection.  Taurus represents mid-spring abundance, wealth, earth as it is.   

With that in mind I offer you these suggested practices for this mid-spring moon cycle… 

  • Looking around you now, at your life, body and home – where do you have wealth and abundance already?  You can make a list in your mind or on paper.  As you move around day-to-day make a subtle daily practice of this
  • Notice where something might not be technically your abundance, but is something you are nurturing into abundance eg. a garden, house plants, children, a business, a project… 
  • Notice worldly abundance in nature that gifts your life nourishment eg. The food you eat, the buds on the trees, the wool in your jumper 
  • Pay attention to where you might be snagging on negative feelings or associations about prosperity and wealth and re-word them using positive language.
    • People with money are greedy can become people with money can do so much good work and support so many meaningful causes.   
    • I never have any money can become I am so grateful for my never-ending supply of cash –
    • Notice any negative beliefs you have around the idea of money and wealth over this next moon cycle. Every time you notice one, rephrase it in the positive and repeat it to yourself three times.  
    • Keep saying these positive alternatives, over and over every day.  You will start to believe it and you will start to see shifts happening. 
  • And here is the big one…..practice gratitude.  Always.  Be grateful.  Say thank you.  To your food, the nature that surrounds you, the earth that supports you, the work you have (even if you want to change it), the money in your pocket (however much or little), to the things you are good at, your talents and gifts, your friends and family, every kindness you experience each day.  Say thank you to everything which supports you and it will grow.  You are feeding good with good positive energy.  When your brain and the universal energy recognise you putting your energy here, they will feed it more and more and more.  Your sense of wealth will grow, your abundance will also grow.  Earth will benefit.  And, importantly, when we do this work, we can take wealth back from greed 

Collectively this has huge positive potential.  Will you join me?  Let’s do it! 

Charlotte xx 

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