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Are you experiencing stress?

Would you like to do something about it that is simple, self-nurturing and deeply restorative.  It might not eradicate the stress you are experiencing, but it could make you feel a lot better.   

This is my current practice and I invite you to share it with me. 

This week is stressful, it’s been a tricky weekend and it’s going to be an even trickier week to come.   I am not in trouble, but am required to go to court.  Please forgive me for being vague, legally I am not allowed to talk about it.

So, contemplating where I was yesterday morning I decided one of the energies that counters the dark fatigue of stress is vibrancy.  

Whereas stress can ‘happen’ or impose itself on us Vibrancy needs cultivation.  No one comes along and vibrancies-us-out.  We have to choose vibrant practices and allow ourselves to be vibrant.   

I got myself out of bed and practiced a short asana sequence, just moving in whatever way my body wanted, feeling a sense of release, before sitting down and saying a short prayer to the soul of my home, thanking it for giving me a safe sanctuary to do this work.  Then inviting the energy of vibrancy into my being, into my actions and words.  Inviting it to guide me in the ways of light, positivity and playfulness (words I associate with vibrancy – yours might be different, go with whatever feels natural to you).   

Then I had a chat with a few other energies and went about my day.  Feeling more centered, more positive, more in tune with the support around me.  It helped. 

I did the same thing this morning, with my toddler helping a little and plan to do the same thing again tomorrow and so on.   

How you can practice this too… 

  • Find a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed for 5-15 minutes.  If you have a home yoga practice simply allow your body to guide you through some very gentle postures, exploring your range of movement in what ever way feels like it gives you a sense of release and ease.  If you do not have a yoga practice try some free movement, free dance, whatever feels good.  The purpose of this movement is to release some of the tension in your body and mind before you sit down to meditate with positive intention.  Clear some of this old tension and replace it with some good positive energy.  
  • When you are ready come into a comfortable seated position (floor, cushion or chair, whatever feels right), close your eyes and just breath, notice how it sounds, how it feels. 
  • Notice what holds you in this space, what makes it safe, comfortable, tune into that energy, the soul of your home, garden, hotel, tube train…  tune into that energy and thank it for the support and safety it gives you for this practice, for any other needs which it meets. 
  • Then take a moment to consider what Vibrancy means to you, what words come to mind.  Get a sense of how vibrancy feels, what it brings to you, what it has to offer.  Hear its message and allow it to be with you.  Allow yourself to be with it.  Trust it, as an energy in its own right, not just a word, but an actual energetic being available for you to connect with, for you to build a relationship with and nurture. 
  • Just allow yourself to experience a connection with vibrancy. And allow yourself to be as vibrant as you can right now.  Know that with practice, with connection to this energetic source, your vibrancy will grow.  Stress is not always avoidable or simple to move away from.  We can cultivate practices and explore different approaches that help us cope during the more challenging times in our lives.   

Share your thoughts and experiences from this practice below. 

With love 

Charlotte xx 

Here is an audio recording of this blog, including the guided meditation

sit back, relax and be guided through the practice.


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