In recent years I have been trying to reduce my plastic and chemical footprint.  Somethings have worked better than I imagined, this is one of them! 

So unbelievably easy.  This is quite simply powdered arrowroot from my local health food shop.   

Yes, it comes in a little plastic bag, but compared to the compressed spray cans this is vastly better.  I am going to try and grow some myself as well to try and get this down to zero waste. 

I had this lovely pink icing sugar shaker in my kitchen which has proved perfect for the job.

It was a gift from my mum and came from a charity shop; you can probably pick them up on eBay as well. 

To Use: –

Simply shake a little into one hand and then shake your lightly powdered hand through/on the greasy lengths. Give the hair a little flourish/joosh to help it absorb.  I have a little patch at the back of my crown that I will very carefully shake a little directly on to.  But I would avoid shaking straight onto hair or putting ‘plenty’ on in one go as it can be harder to absorb and leave a residue.  Better to do two very light applications with your hand generally. 

If you use it sparingly and work into the lengths and greasy bits it does dissolve.  It can leave a cakey residue if you put too much on as it just sits on the scalp and not the hair.  I have seen people suggest adding cocoa powder for brunettes.  But this doesn’t stand out on my brown hair(I have a lot of grey!) so you could try without first perhaps. 

It did take a little practise to not put too much on and avoid the caking so don’t worry if you find you need a few goes!  It is worth it.  No chemicals on your precious scalp and so much better for the environment.  Win-Win.

I would love to hear how you get on with this totally natural dry shampoo, will you convert?!  Let me know if the comments!

Charlotte xx