Self Care starts with Self – Right?!

That’s why it is so important to connect with, and stay connected to, our actual selves.

Not the ‘ego self’ or other peoples ideas of ourselves that we get caught up in. The self that wants to be accepted and make life easier for others.

Our actual self. Our soul, spirit, essence – whatever you want to call it. We can access this when we work with our intuition. The deep inner well of knowledge, the voice that can tell you what you really need to be happy and fulfilled.

It is vital to our well-being. The best place to start, is to stop! Stop running around being busy, ignoring your needs, telling yourself you don’t have the time or resources, or even the knowledge, to look after yourself.

Even the most busy and overwhelmed of us can carve out 10 seconds to simply sit and breath.

Go ahead, do this with me…
turn your gaze to the most appealing thing/wall/object in your surroundings and count five big belly breaths – right now!

If we don’t ever slow down, we can never catch ourselves.

Charlotte x

P.s – if you are somewhere that makes you feel sad I have put a pretty picture of Llandod lake here for you to look at for your five breaths!