Have you ever been curious about your connection to the knowledge within you?  And how you could use this connection to explore your potential, your choices, your options… your future?

This full day workshop will explore the crafts of divination and tarot card reading and is divided into three parts –

  • introduction to divination
  • Introduction to the cards
  • supported reading practice

You will also be provided with a pack including information we have covered to support your continued practice with confidence.

Pay just £30 until Sunday 21 April, £35 after!

Our Programme…

During the day there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

9.30 am Arrival. Our space will be open for you to arrive and make yourself comfortable.

10am – 12pm Opening!  We will introduce ourselves to each other and I will give you all your workshop packs.

Then we move into our introduction to divination.  This will include discussion, a guided meditation to help you engage with your intuitive access to connect and suggested home practices.

The onus will be on developing your own craft and trusting in what you see yourself.  I am here to help you to do this and am not a prescriptive teacher.  If something doesn’t feel right for you we can explore what else might do!

12pm – 1pm Lunch.  We are surrounded by bistros, cafes and shops.  You are welcome to go out and explore, or bring a packed lunch and eat in!

1pm – 3pm Introduction to the Cards.  We will work our way through the cards and how they are divided up, covering the key meanings and ordering.  Your packs will also include this information, with space for your own thoughts.

3pm – 3.30pm Break.  A chance to have a drink and stretch your legs.

3.30pm – 4.30pm Personal Celtic Cross Reading.  After a short guided meditation, you are invited to use the template in your pack to have a go at your own reading.  The Celtic Cross is a traditional ‘full spread’, offering personal insight and guidance.

I will be on hand to help should you need it. 

4.30pm Finish.  The room is booked until a little later so there is no hurry to leave if you need some extra time! 

What is included in your day…

You will be given a ‘pack’ which contains.

  • information on divination is and how you can work with it
  • suggested meditation practices and activities
  • information on the cards and their meanings
  • templates for 3 different readings for you to use.

What is not included…

  • your tarot cards. You need to bring cards with you, so please take a look around and choose some that call to you and your taste! I recommend Rider Waite and can help you if you have any questions.

Pay just £30 until Sunday 21 April, £35 after!

Book your spot right here!  Or pop me a question…

The Venue…

At Nº11 is a Grade ll listed medieval building finished with a modern touch. It sits on the corner where Fish Street meets Grope Lane.

The street is full of cobbles with two rows of flat stones running through the middle, allowing horse-drawn carriages to run smoothly down the road. It remains mostly unchanged to the point that when standing on the road, if you forget about modern day life, you would be transported back centuries ago.

Just off Fish street, is the fascinating Grope Lane. It’s one of 21 ‘shuts’ or passages of medieval origin that still exist in Shrewsbury, there is rumour that it used to be closed off at night, and the remains of gate hinges and bolt holes can be found at the opposite end of Grope Lane. Some people think that it’s name originated because people had to ‘grope’ their way along it, however, others say that it’s from the goings-on after dark!

Travelling to No 11 Fish Street, Shrewsbury

By Car – There is an NCP Car park a short walking distance from the venue, at the bottom of Wyle Cop.

By Rail – Shrewsbury railway station is a 10 minute walk and has a waiting taxi stand.

Pay just £30 until Sunday 21 April, £35 after!

Book your spot right here!  Or pop me a question…