Looking for love implies its lost.  But, its everywhere, all the time.

I would say I am open to meeting someone rather than looking.  I know for some people it is a serious “dating game.  Good for them, if you know what you want and are determined to find it all power to you.  For me, dating was only ever part of my life, squeezed in amongst my friends and family and work.  I have worked abroad, gone on holidays on my own, and when I go out with my friends I am with my friends, not scanning the room looking for someone who might be looking for me.

Its not like when you are looking for your lost keys, intense, urgent, slightly panicking.  Or looking for a new home, with a wish list and a budget, full of hope it will be better than where you are now.

Looking keeps us in scarcity, suggesting we are lacking something.  In matters of the heart this is a very powerful message to keep playing to ourselves, and indeed for others to play for us…

“this is my friend Charlotte – she is looking for love!”

They mean well, trying to hook you up, but they are basically saying you have a hole in your life only a partner can fill.  If other people are saying this it can sink in, you might start believing it.

But we can take back our power and easily turn this into

“Yes, I am Charlotte and I see love, IT IS EVERYWHERE!” 

Think about all the love you have expressed in your life, the choices you made that were from your heart.  If you need help here let me know!  I promise you you have love and expressions of love all around you, however subtle.

You might be “looking” for a life partner, a marriage, a summer fling.  You might be looking for a restaurant to celebrate your birthday at, a loan, or a new lip gloss.

You might not find any of them.  And then what?  Is it all a waste of time?  Do you spend your life crying into your pillow.  No of course you don’t.  You get up and go about your business.  You rediscover your love for that little pot of Vaseline, or that cherry red chubby stick you forgot you even had.  You have your friends round to your place for pancakes, and decide to save for a couple of months for that something special.

You make the most of what you’ve got.  And the most you have is You.  Now!  Not you as you might be if only you could find that someone else somewhere down this road…or that road….

You are living, completely and perfectly on you own.  Maybe you just have a healthy space for a spare set of keys?  They might be useful, but they are not essential for your safety and wellbeing.

Let’s be open to perhaps meeting someone, so we can stop looking and get on living!

Sending you lots of love – Charlotte xx

get on living

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