Our new home has an amazing view from the back, over the fields to the mountains beyond.  The moon travels from one side to the other.  Today I realised this Sunday 26 August is the Corn Full Moon.  The August full moon sign posts the beginning of the grain harvest, hence being known as the Corn or Harvest Full Moon.  Grain represents infinity.  A single grain holds the secrets of the life cycle, it dies every harvest, but scatters its seed ready for its essence to be re-born again.  Life, death, rebirth. This is nature in action.

It also serves to remind us that we are all connected. We are descendants from the first human beings, our seed and essence is the same as all other humans. 

Looking back I can see that last autumn started a chain reaction that has led us to this wide open space.  It has been a truly challenging year.  And all of a sudden I can see with great clarity.   

The old Charlotte is gone.  The young woman I assumed I would get back to after having Henry, she doesn’t exist any more.  Why would I re-become her?!   

So as the last phase of my life completes, who am I becoming now?  What is my true potential?  How can I realise this?   

Two weeks ago I started a daily mantra practice of Sa Ta Na Ma.  This mantra balances the different areas of the brain and releases negative thought patterns.  It means “I am the manifestation of Truth” and is a great catalyst for creating positive change. 

Sa – Infinity. Press the thumb and index finger together. First finger signifies Jupiter, bringing knowledge, releasing us from pre-conceived limitations. 

Ta – Life. Press the thumb and middle finger together. Middle finger signifies Saturn, bringing patience and wisdom. 

Na – Death/Transformation. Press the thumb and ring finger together. Ring finger signifies Sun, energy and vitality. 

Ma – Rebirth. Press thumb and little finger together. Little finger signifies Mercury, aiding clear communication. 

The simple mudras co-ordinate and compliment the mantra. Try and keep going in a rhythm. 

I have come across different variations of this, but the most common is for a total of 11 minutes. 2 mins out loud, 2 mins whisper, 3 mins silent, 2 mins silent 2 mins out loud. Rotating both the rhythm of the mantra with the mudra sequence. And then relax. Meditate.   

Find a comfortable spot, close your eyes and give it a go! Don’t worry about the times, look up a YouTube video (I will make one when the internet gets connected!)

Charlotte xx