Meet Charlotte


It is fair to say that I struggled to find my place in the world!

At 25 years old I worked in a highly stressed office.  And was sick. I found myself with serious digestive problems, piling on weight, horrid skin allergies.  Smoking and drinking too much, I had two root canals from all the grinding.  A nerve in my neck liked to go into spasm too.  I hated my workplace and apparently it hated me!

I just wanted to be happy.  I had done everything right.  Got my A-Levels, gradutated with a 2.1 in Classical Studies from a “Red Brick University”, and had a couple of well paid jobs.  Getting a job offering training in the City of London should have been an acomplishment.  It just felt horrid though.  I was compromising all my creativity and personal power.

All I wanted was to be happy.  So I started to explore what made me happy.  Courses, classes, a sewing machine, holidays with friends, festivals…

Then I discovered Kundalini Yoga.  My whole world changed.

Down the rabbit hole I fell.  Gleefully.  With a sense of relief I can’t describe.  As my confidence in this work grew, so my life evolved.  My body, life, and mental wellness began to heal.

I went to every yoga class, workshop and event I could; reading every article and discovering great websites.

At some point a friend invited me to a Coaching Academy event and the missing piece of the jigsaw clicked.

Having a coach myself helped me to make some monumental life changes.  In a few years I had a completely different lifestyle, was healthy and happy.  I had created The Happy Hunt yoga and coaching offering and had finally I had found direction and purpose in my life!

I qualified as a Personal Development (or ‘Life’) Coach, with the Coaching Academy, in March 2013.  I felt drawn to the empowering nature of the process.  Which in a nutshell offers people a confidential, respectful, and supportive communication to explore:

  • The heart of a problem/problems
  • A chance to voice what they really want free from judgement
  • The support to find a way to make that happen.

It is an empowering and uplifting process.  With plenty of room for fun along the way.

Just like yoga coaching teaches us we already have everything we need. A lesson I have needed to relearn many times over the last 10 years!  Giving away my power and my value to others was my default.  I know that I have the answers to my problems and frustrations now.  I just need to explore myself, my heart, mind, and soul, to find them.  And that does not need to be hard and painful like it once was for me.  Now I know it can be fun and enjoyable.

Yoga and coaching encourage us to be the best version of ourselves. For our happiness and wellbeing, and of those around us.  Conscious and heart centered living is good for not only us as individual practitioners, but our culture and society, and world even!

I trained with Sally Parkes Yoga, and graduated from her Laxmi Hatha & Vinyasa Teacher Training in July 2013.

All styles of yoga have something to teach us, and I love to fusion ancient meditation, breathing, mantra  and mudra techniques, with gentle and explorative asana practice.  I create guided meditations that blend coaching techniques with yoga principles.  My classes always encourage a focus on comfort, safety, and self-reflection.  Often I will bring along my gong or singing bowls too.

Yoga helps us identify and release both physical and mental tensions holding us back. It creates ‘space’ in our lives for us to move forward into.  But we don’t always know what to do with that space.  It can be easy to slip into old habits and replay old stories. Coaching gives the practical support needed to make the most of that space.  It’s like a fast track system to help you get what you really want, and deserve.

This combination was so powerful for me.  If you are ready to commit to what you want, I know it can work for you too.

Now I feel so blessed to work with lots of people who are ready to create exciting forward motion in their lives. From the heart, with the professional expertise that training and life experience has given (and still gives!) me.

No matter what my life presents me with I feel genuinely energised and extremely grateful to be able to share my work with others.

Let me share my tool kit with you!

It’s frustrating to see us women be divided by a culture set up to make us feel in competition.

We live in a time where women are enouraged, exploited even,  to feel incomplete, to judge each other.

Septerat, in competition, inferior.

Join me and Re-connect as a women, with yourself and others.  Honour your needs, your creativity, and your potential power to make things better for everyone.

Feel comfortable, connected, secure, and supported.

What are you waiting for?  Start today!  It’s your life.  You deserve to be happy, and I know you are ready to take the next step.  Come and join me and our blossoming community on The Happy Hunt, for free, by signing up right here!

If you are ready to put yourself first, unlock your potential, and live the life you want…


…join me here and start your adventure.

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I had lost my energy to make things happen; Charlotte gave me an inspirational kick start to find a firm footing on the ladder to achievement. 

She is a Coach that knows how to ask that key question to open the door to the new insight and eternal wisdom, thnk you Charlotte….from a Jeanie who has now found her lamp.


Charlotte created for me straight away a trustworthy and understanding atmosphere and made me feel confident that I can talk to her about every issue in total confidence. Thank you Charlotte for making me realise the importance of having a good coach and helping me stay focused and on task in my professional development.


I always left our conversations feeling positive with a renewed confidence in my abilities.

I have a toolkit of simplestrategies to take away with me that I have seen work that I will be able to apply whenever faced with similar situations.

A confidence dip like this would previously have taken me years of denial to navigate my way through.


If you are ready to put yourself first, unlock your potential, and live the life you want…

…join me here and start your adventure.  Free e-courses and resources, updates on blog posts, events, and special offers (I only give offers to my mailing list!)