Celebrate & Create 2019

Consider all the things your want for yourself in 2019.  Now imagine having the whole day to really tune into your desires for the coming year, and beyond, in a safe and supportive group.  A day to explore your ability to create, and some practices to help keep you focused.

Gone are the New Years of denial and guilt – make this New Year a time of positivity, gentle, heart-centered action and creation. 

Join me for this day together to plan and commit to a year of joyful and heart-centred abundance.

Why should you join us?

Join me for this deeply explorative and rejunivanting day.  Taking the time to really delve into your desires, create intentions and set them into motion.  Using yoga asana, guided meditation, pranayama and mantra.

This day is not about what you are giving up, or pushing yourself to do in 2019.

This day is all about giving yourself more of what you really want in 2019! 

More of the things you do want, weather that is healthy habits, social opportunities, adventures, exercise, work you love, travel, dream home…

Take the day for yourself to invest in your year with whole-hearted self-commitment. This is your time to re-join the dots in your life.

How would it feel…

  • step away from your ‘should-do/need-to-do’ list and explore your real ‘want-to-do/dream-of-doing’ list with no guilt?
  • to spend time with a group of like minded women in a safe and inclusive environment?
  • to dive into your list of dreams and desires and understand what they really mean to you?  Are they pipe dreams, or are they calling you to step forward bravely?
  • to plan your intentions in a gentle, soulful, loving way.  Understanding you have so many resources all ready at your fingertips, knowing you can acceess your deeply creative and abundant skills whenever you need them with the practices and ‘tools’ we explore together?

Our yoga practices will explore how mudras, meditations, mantras and pranayama’s work alongside our asana postures to bring a greater self-awareness and ease to our everyday life.  They will help you access a much deeper self-awareness and self-appreciation.  They will help you relax on a deep level, so you can tune into the real callings of your heart and leave our day together feeling empowered to create the joyful 2019 you really deserve.

Our Program…

Saturday 26 January 2019

10 – 10.30 – Welcome.

10.30 – 12.30 – Yoga & guided meditation practice to celebrated and release 2018 and welcome in 2019.  Focusing on deeply relaxing so you can move forward with greater ease and sense of purpose.

12.30 – 1.30 – Lunch

1.30 – 3.30 – Yoga and reflection practice.  You are invited to bring a journal, diary or note book with you and consider some of my guided intention setting for 2019.  This is a positive forward thinking session.  We will not be dwelling on problems or the past, we will be affirming your creative abilities and looking to a future you really want for yourself.

3.30 – 4 – Break

4.00 – 5 – Final Mantra Practice & Deep Relaxation.

5pm – Closing & Tidy Up

The Venue.


At Nº11 is a Grade ll listed medieval building finished with a modern touch. It sits on the corner where Fish Street meets Grope Lane.

The street is full of cobbles with two rows of flat stones running through the middle, allowing horse-drawn carriages to run smoothly down the road. It remains mostly unchanged to the point that when standing on the road, if you forget about modern day life, you would be transported back centuries ago.

Just off Fish street, is the fascinating Grope Lane. It’s one of 21 ‘shuts’ or passages of medieval origin that still exist in Shrewsbury, there is rumour that it used to be closed off at night, and the remains of gate hinges and bolt holes can be found at the opposite end of Grope Lane. Some people think that it’s name originated because people had to ‘grope’ their way along it, however, others say that it’s from the goings-on after dark!

At Nº11 was once a pub called The Bear Inn. Outside the door there is still the hook in the ground that the bears were tethered to and made to dance in the street for public entertainment. Opposite is Bear Steps, another one of Shrewsbury’s well known ‘shuts’ and passages.

Booking Info…

You can join us for just £60

Full payment can be made using this link to my secure online shop.

If you have any questions please get in touch!

You will need to bring… 

Comfortable loose clothing suitable for yoga practice and meditation.  An extra warm layer and blanket is a good idea, especially considering the time of year.

I will have a selection of spare mats, blocks and belts you can borrow.  Please bring any other props or equipment you need, in particular a blanket and cushion.

A sense of fun, good manners and the willingness to help keep our area clean and tidy up after yourself!

Please make sure to arrange your travel and accommodation to be ready to begin at 10am on Saturday morning.  I will be there from 9.30, so feel free to come before 10 and make yourself comfortable and have a chat!

If you are travelling and/or booking accommodation it is strongly recommended that you take out personal travel insurance. 

Please note refunds will only be made if you are able to find a replacement for your spot.

Travelling to No 11 Fish Street, Shrewsbury

By Car – There is an NCP Car park a short walking distance from the venue, at the bottom of Wyle Cop.

By Rail – Shrewsbury railway station is a 10 minute walk and has a waiting taxi stand.

Booking Info…

You can join us for just £60

Payment can be made using this link to my secure online shop.

If you have any questions please get in touch!

This was my first yoga retreat as part of my self care journey it was a fantastic day and I could feel the benefits.

Louise S

Whole-Hearted Day Off

Charlotte facilitated a most wonderful weekend which made me feel like I had been away for a week.  With huge thanks, Wendy.

Wendy S

Whole-Hearted Day Off

Hi Charlotte, thank you so much for fantastic weekend. I feel so much better about me and life, it really did the trick. It was a lovely venue with lovely people, well done you. Lita xxx

Lita K

If you would like to run this event exclusively a group, event, or Hen Party get in touch!

About Charlotte:

Hello!  I discovered meditation 10 years ago now and down the rabbit hole I fell!  

Finding myself in a wonderland of yoga and personal and spiritual development classes, workshops, text and trainings.  I became a total devotee. 

This work is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I am passionate about sharing it with you.  

Having taught both physical and on-line classes, workshops, courses and retreats I am offering this special morning as a joyful exploration of our intuition and wisdom.

If you would like to know more about me and my training please visit the “Meet Charlotte” page in the menu.