I have been creating blogs, videos & e-books for over 7 years now. Sharing my learnings and practices is something I am passionate about.  This work has kept me going during some very difficult times.  Hopeully you will find it useful too.

Here are a selection, these will be updating over the next few months so please check in again to find more.

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Welcome to my all new Exploration of Meditation Series!  Interested in meditation but not sure sitting down and closing your eyes is going to cut it for you?!  Well, take a look at these meditations from a selection of practices.  Have a go and see what works for you.

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YouTube Channel

This is a small selection of the videos you can find over at

PDF’s & Downloads

Here are some handy extracts from e-books and handouts I have used over the years that cover some of the most commonly used and confused terms!

The 5 Tibetans

An e-book I made for a group I used to teach.  Really useful for a simple home practice that explores a full range of movement.

Subtle Energy – what it is and why we work with it.

The Chakras – a brief overview of what they are and the seven main chakras we work with in Yoga.

Nadis – what they are and the three main ones we work with.

Mudras – the practice of using gestures to stimulate the subtle body. 

Tips for Meditation E-Book – this is an e-book I made with some useful tips for supporting a real life medtiation practice and making it your own – CHECK OUT MY HAIR!!!