One-To-One Coaching Via Skype

Are you ready for a breakthrough? 

To create real positive change in your life? 

What would you like to make reality in your life?   

How exciting!  I can help you with that. 

A one-to-one session with me is different to your average coaching session.  I fuse modern coaching techniques with the ancient practices of yoga.

From matters of the heart, to de-stressing or lifestyle changes, a session with me can cover whatever YOU want it to.  Free from judgement and in total confidence.

We will look at this area, I will ask you questions which will help you unlock the root of the problems, and help you move forward with clarity and positivity.

At the end of the session (or possibly shortly after if I want to do some extra research!) expect to be offered additional suggested yoga, mantra, mudra or meditation practices to support your growth and success.

To ensure you get the accountability and support you need I also offer a couple of follow up emails.

A one-to-one coaching session includes… 

  • A 60 minute consultation via Skype.  From this you will provide create a written plan of achievable actions that YOU have chosen.  It is an empowering and energising process! 
  • Suggested additional yoga, mantra, mudra or meditation from me.  To help you really get focused, stay positive, and experience real growth.
  • 2 follow up emails to keep you motivated and celebrate your successes.  These can also help with any obstacles you may have experienced and help ensure your success.*

As you can see there is plenty of support for you to really make sure you get the most from

your investment of £69.99 

Click the “Buy Now” button below and I will contact you by email to set up the Skype session.  It usually only takes a few hours, but please allow me up to 24 hours to contact you to get you booked in.  We are all in different time-zones and I have a very busy toddler!

I am ready to invest.  Book me in!

Buy Now Button

And let’s get this ball rolling!

*Follow up Skype sessions are available.

Why work with Charlotte?

Back in 2013 I completed two life changing qualifications.  I trained with the Coaching Academy and Sally Parkes Yoga, to become fully certified (and insured!) Life Coach and Yoga Instructor.

The combination of yoga and coaching has transformed my own health, lifestyle, personal relationships, and work opportunities.

It became my dream to combine the two to create a truly bespoke and transformative offering for those who were ready to make breakthroughs in their life too.

And then it became my reality!

What would you like to make a reality? 

How exciting!  Let me help you.

Have any questions?  Contact me here.

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