When is surviving not enough?  NOW!

The way we live has to change.  We KNOW this.

We know our human activity is having a huge negative impact on the environment. And also US!!!

We know change has to happen.  Most of us want it to happen.  So, to see the energy and momentum behind Extinction Rebellion has really got me thinking.

Survival is not enough.  I want a world and society that are healthy, happier, more nurtured.  At the moment both are depleted and I firmly believe we can do, and have, better.  A life where both the earth and humans can thrive.  All life.

So like yin/yang, sun/moon, male/female, inside/outside, Ida/Pingala I am committing to be in the subtle and creative movement to Extinction Rebellion’s active and gross protests.  Helping to bring balance and unity to a movement that simply must succeed.

Will you join me?  Take a look at my video and join me for a simple meditation to help bring clarity to what we want in place of the current norms that drains resources and energy to benefit the few.  Come with me and dream of your ideal alternative, find it, and then keep dropping into it over the next week to help seal it in your consciousness.  There is also a second challenge for you!

We do not have to look at destruction, Armageddon, poverty and mass exodus.  We can create a better world for us.  Now is the time to raise our collective consciousness to get rid of the toxic culture and governments causing a great deal of this damage.  Our choices and behaviors can make a difference.

I hope you join me, please share this video with anyone you think may wish to join in too.

With love
Charlotte xx