The hanged man reminds us that we may be stuck where we are for good reasons, but that we may be choosing to be there. It might be right for us now. It could also be that we are resisting the change being already offered, or we need to make something happen.

This is spot on for me.  2019 was a very difficult year.  One where the care and worry over an elderly relitive had to come first.  Dementia. We have struggled for the last few years and this really came to a head last year.  We finally managed to get the right care in place in the summer and as grateful as I was I was also totally spent.  Exhausted.  Frustrated.  And angry.  .  As things seemed to be getting back to some kind of normality my eldest sister had a stroke. 


She is a healthy 42 year old so this was a shock to say the least.  She will be ok, it will take a lot of hard work but she should make a full recovery.

So.  In a nut shell.  I have been restricted by necessity.  The only way out would have been to ditch those I love.  Which wasnt going to happen.  So now spaces are emerging proper.  Not just the voide of grief and anger, actual space.  Room in my life to pick up reins I have needed to put down.  Do I want to pick them up?  Not all of them.  I want new horses to ride!

And so I am making a practice to recieve the guidance I seek, the open doors I can now walk through.

I am receiving so many messages about accepting change right now. Being ok with it and movong forward. I am doing my best not to resist it and move forward with confidence. Interestingly i am having some interesting muscle engagement and release in my asana practice.

So often the physical manifests the subtle.

Interesting times ahead.

If you are interested in working with receiving inner guidance why not try my guided meditation practice here just below…

Charlotte xx