New Moon Circle – Mid Wales

And so the Wild Woman Project Circles roll into a new overarching theme for the next 12 cycles.
Rituals of Rewilding.
We begin this journey with “Winds of Change”.
As we welcome a progression of the season we invite change. Inside & out.
“With the help of the winds & ritual, we will aim to support & allow right changes inour inner lives, communities & in our world.” Chris Maddox (creator of the WWPC).
Supporting each other to reconnect with and remember our wild nature.
Exploring the elements, our inner guidance, nature and each other’s wisdom.
Gathering for a series of thought provoking and transformative monthly new moon circles….
This month I am going to try somethign a little different…. An online circle on the evening of the actual New moon.
As it is on line you will need to register before Saturday 28 to receive the call log-in link.
To book your place and receive log-in info please go here It costs £5 to contribute to my costs. 

Once you have logged in I will lead you through a guided meditation on the theme. We will each be invited to share

– if you want to, there is no pressure, expectation, interruption, or advice –

you will be heard and supported unconditionally. We will then set intentions for the moon cycle to create positive and heart led shifts for ourselves, our relationships, our communities and beyond.

You are invited to join us for circle – I would love to meet you here!

Charlotte xx

Please bring a journal/pen and paper

For more information and updates please come over to my Facebook page

This is an official Wild Woman Project Circle –

There will be a circle in Llandod each New Moon and in Shropshire each quarter. 


Please use the contact form below if you would like to come to circle and join my mailing list for further updates.

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